AutoMail Postcard Marketing

AutoMail is the trackable, customizable, and easy-to-use answer to real estate direct mail marketing, farming and client follow-up. With AutoMail farming campaigns, agents can schedule and send multiple marketing postcards, starting at 83¢ per card, over the course of 12 months to build relationships with prospects that lead to new clients. Our Client Follow-Up program allows you to set up automated mailings that periodically run over the course of one, two or three years, so that you can stay in touch with past clients, for just $19.99.

All postcards include a unique link to an online market report. The report gathers recipient information that is sent to the agent immediately and is available to view anytime on the AutoMail dashboard, so agents can track responses and adjust campaigns if necessary for better engagement. AutoMail is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for agents who want to elevate their brand and keep up consistent farming efforts and past client communications.


1. Set up a campaign in minutes.

AutoMail makes it fast and easy to launch yearly postcard farming and client follow-up campaigns. Simply choose a design series, or upload your own, and the mailing frequency. We’ll take care of the rest!


2. Drive the prospect online.

The postcards drive recipients to a unique online market snapshot that provides them with recent neighborhood sales data and a home value estimate.


3. Get real leads in real time.

As recipients go online to learn more about the property, or to fill out the contact form, we’ll collect all their available info and email it to you in real time.

AutoMail farming targets your perfect recipients.

With AutoMail farming, you can find your ideal prospects using our geo-targeted, neighborhood mailing lists. You can also upload your own list to stay in front of your sphere of influence. No matter which list combination you choose, everything is included in the low, per-piece price, starting at 83¢ per card!

Client Follow-Up allows you to build relationships.

Our client follow-up program allows you to set up automated mailings that periodically run over the course of one, two or three years, so that you can stay in touch with past clients. Each postcard includes a unique link to an online market report that gathers recipient information and sends it to you instantly—all for just $19.99!

AutoMail Farming & Client Follow-Up Features


Online dashboard that allows you to edit recipient information, change designs or view campaign responses quickly and easily
The option to upload your own mail list to generate more referrals, or use our geographic targeting and demographic micro-targeting list to reach your ideal prospect and own the neighborhood
Flexible scheduler to edit campaigns at any time for better engagement
Multiple design options — choose from pre-made, professional cards, upload your own designs, or mix and match!
High-quality, jumbo-size postcards and standard postage
Fast, no-fuss campaign scheduling

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